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A Guy’s Guide to Shopping for Womens Lingerie Online


Thank God for the Internet! Now you don’t need to feel awkward if you’re planning to buy your lady some nice lingerie for a special occasion. But if you’re new to lingerie shopping on the Internet there are some things you need to know before you begin. 

As you begin shopping for womens lingerie, you’ll find that there are a lot - literally millions - of online lingerie boutiques. Here are 4 important things you need to know about womens lingerie so that when starting shopping, things won’t be as awkward or terrifying:

  • Before you go online, list down the basics: Your lady’s size of womens lingerie, the styles and colors that you want to buy her, and your budget. If you don’t have her size, a raid of her lingerie drawer is a must. Choose a style she likes to wear for special occasions. If you buy her the same type of lacy boy leg panties like she does every day, where’s the fun in that? Get her something nice in which she’s going to feel pretty, sexy and assured of her body’s beauty. Colors - don’t forget to choose a color she feels sexy in.
  • Another important thing worth mentioning is schedule. Are you planning for a special day like her birthday or your anniversary? If so, start shopping for womens lingerie at least a week before the day you plan to give it to her. Online lingerie boutiques require a few days for shipping - and if it’s international, add a day or two.
  • Shopping online offers a lot of variety - a whole lot of variety! The Internet gives you access to so many brands and designer lingerie from both domestic and international locations. That’s why you need a schedule. But the great thing about variety is that you get to choose designer womens lingerie that’s not available locally. You can find this season’s line of elegant and sexy lingerie, intimate apparel from UK, Milan and Brazil! Online lingerie boutiques carry a wider and better selection of womens lingerie, so browse to your heart’s content - but don’t get carried away.
  • Ask if they gift-wrap. Most online lingerie boutiques will do the gift-wrapping for you, before they ship it out. But be sure to check first. Find a lingerie shop that can do it for you. If you’re not very good at it, don’t. How you prepare and wrap your gift has a lot of weight - it means you’ve given a lot of time and effort to making your gift perfect.
  • If you’re planning something daring, naughty and erotic for your lady, shopping online is the best way to do it. A lot of online lingerie boutiques offer erotic lingerie from sheer babydolls to crotchless thongs that show just enough, but promise so much more! You can shop for high-quality hard-to-find brands and even handmade lingerie that may cost triple than what they have at your local mall. If you’re planning to buy your lady costume or role play underwear, just be sure it’s the right kind that would spark her naughty side, instead of sending the wrong message across.

The Internet has given men a channel to be able to shop and buy womens lingerie that’s convenient and hassle-free. It may be a little more challenging now with so many sites around, but it beats going to the store and finding out they don’t carry the brand and style you’re after. Keep these tips in mind when you’re shopping online and you won’t spend the next three hours clicking away, and forgetting to order.


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