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Color Coded: A Guy’s Guide to What Women Wear and Why Colors Make the Difference

Guys, first thing to know about women’s lingerie: Color and style make a big difference. Even when it’s intimate apparel that only you and your lady may enjoy looking at, choosing the right style and color goes a long way. Here are 3 tips that would help you make the right purchase, and pick the perfect intimate apparel for your lady:

  • List down your lady’s lingerie essentials.
    This calls for raiding your lady’s underwear drawer - literally. List down her size, the styles she wears, the brands she prefers, and the colors she wears. Based on what you find, ask yourself: What would be nice? Would your lady like embroidered lace white lingerie, or a sleek and sheer black thong? What would she wear for everyday use? Is it the same style she wears on your dates or romantic getaways with you? Answer these questions, and you’re halfway through.
  • Colors make the appropriate statement.
    Intimate lingerie is like women’s makeup - it’s not the main element; it’s there to accentuate and emphasize your lady’s natural beauty. Color adds that touch of sensuality, sexiness or playfulness, and is an important part of how lingerie can give a woman that feeling self-confidence. Choosing the right color is not an exact science, so you can either pick one set in one color, or in a selection of colors. For starters, there are three - red, black and white lingerie colors.

    Red is passion. It evokes a romantic and erotic mood, and is often chosen for intimate dates and romantic rendezvous. Black is chic, sexy and secretive. It’s ideal for getting your lady to feel sexy in her work or everyday clothing. You’ll never go wrong with black lingerie. On the other hand, white lingerie is reserved for special occasions and bedroom seduction. It’s classy and virginal, and at the same time naughty and flirty. White lingerie is prized because most white lingerie is exclusive and come in silk and embroidered lace, and is a symbol of intimate chic, style and elegance.
  • Lingerie style is important in making your lady comfy and confident. To choose, refer to your notes - or her underwear drawer - again. Remember: While guys like us like the skintight sleek and sexy look of a thong or a g-string, it may not be to your lady’s liking. Sure, she may wear a sheer black thong when you’re on a date, but she may be wearing it because she thinks you like it. Not every girl is comfortable with that kind of style. So be sure to choose a style that will work for your lady, and not choose something that’s uncomfortable for the sake of being sexy. There are so many designs and styles that can be comfortable for your woman to use, while being sexy and nice to look at. So, broaden your search and see what style you think your lady might like to wear.

The Internet has given men a safe and sure way to shop for women’s lingerie. If you’re planning to shop online, be sure to schedule your purchase appropriately. Most online lingerie boutiques will require a three to four days for shipping. If you’ve bought lingerie from an international online boutique, add another day or two. Keep these tips in mind when you’re shopping online, and you’ll be happy to see that delight shriek of surprise when your lady opens your gift to her.


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