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Vintage lingerie shopping is a unique and enjoyable experience that’s not reserved to a discriminating few. Just like shopping for erotic lingerie, vintage lingerie takes a little daring, and quite a leap out of your comfort zone, and into a new spectrum of stylish, authentic, and sensuous lingerie styles that are custom-made to suit your taste and fit. 

Vintage lingerie has seen a rise in popularity in recent times, with celebrities like Dita Von Teese showing that vintage lingerie isn’t your grandma’s underpants - they can be sexy, sulty and very, very intimate. Online, more and more lingerie boutiques have began to accept orders for custom-made vintage lingerie and have began filling their pages with hundreds of different styles and patterns for you to choose from. Once the proud territory of lingerie collectors and women of discriminating and exclusive taste, it’s time for you to enjoy the soft, silky comfort and fit of high-quality vintage lingerie. Vintage lingerie may include but are not limited to nightgowns, bullet bras, tap pants and silk embroidered panties, and more. Vintage lingerie is preferred by many celebrities and personalities who see its many creative and imaginative styles and designs as a personal statement of their confidence, style and allure.

If you haven’t tried vintage lingerie, now is the perfect opportunity. Most women who indulge in vintage lingerie do it for the fine quality and craftsmanship these elegant lingerie items possess. And because they are handmade, most vintage lingerie have a limited number, and becomes, essentially as premier collectible for women who indulge in fine and high quality lingerie like you.

There is vintage lingerie, then, there is retro lingerie. The difference is in the fabric and details work, from handmade lacework, crochet detailing, and appliqué and beading techniques. Retro lingerie on the other hand, mimics that style and turn of the century flair that vintage lingerie style possesses and bids it homage. Retro lingerie is often billed as “vintage-inspired,” “vintage reproductions” or “costume lingerie.” Most online lingerie boutiques will sell retro and vintage lingerie side by side, so you have a wide array of styles to choose from.

Look for fine quality vintage lingerie brands like Axami Lingerie, Corin Lingerie, Gracya Lingerie, Roza lingerie, PariPari lingerie, and Irall and Charnos lingerie, and many more. Be sure to also learn more about the vintage lingerie UK and Australian shops online. These online boutiques are among the first to establish vintage lingerie as a tasteful and sexy style, and many have become established and preferred brands by women who indulge their sense of taste and sensual elegance.


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