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The USA Customer Loyalty Rewards Voucher Scheme explained

The Loyalty scheme we operate is very simple and automatic, there no vouchers required at the checkout to redeem! Your discount is calculated based on order value as shown in the table belowin and the amount is in the Basket and the Checkout pages. The discount offer is applied to every order you place with us! We believe we have the most generous Loyalty Rewards system going in the Online Lingerie sector but if you find another Online Lingerie business that provides the equal to this scheme then we will happily send you a free item!  This scheme provides discounts at the checkout every time you order with us regardless, so there are no vouchers that need to be redeemed, so it is nice and simple!. Please note: This scheme can be changed at any time without notice.

Order ValueThresholds (excl. shipping Costs)Discount Amount
Spend $450+ Get $50 off
Spend $250+ but less than $450 Get $20 off
Spend $150+ but less than $250 Get $15 off
Spend $80+ but less than $150 Get $5 off

Free Gifts System Explained

THis scheme is tempraraily suspended, please bear with us while we develop a new and improved system

We encourage all shoppers to our site to utilise our unique free gifts scheme which can be applied at the point of checkout. This is how it works, you can add a free item only from any of the shopper status levels shown below, qualification of shopper status depends on your level of spend, the higher the spend then the higher the value of the one FREE gift that is available to you, only one free gift is allowed per shop in any one 48 hour period. If you try to add a second free gift item to your shopping basket then this will remove the previous free item placed there. If you reach a Gold status and add a free item and then remove some of the priced items then this will remove the free gift and you will need to re-select another free item. Should you have any queries then please free to contact our Customer Care team.

There are 5 levels of 'shopper status' levels which all relate to the value of the contents of your shopping basket, these are as follows:-

'FREE GIFT' Qualification table based on the value of your 'Shopping Basket' at the checkout

Shopper Spend StatusLower AUD$Upper AUD$Comment
Bronze $100 $159.99 Select your FREE item and 'add' to your shopping basket
Silver $160.00 $249.99 Select your FREE item and 'add' to your shopping basket
Gold $250.00 $349.99 Select your FREE item and 'add' to your shopping basket
Platinum $350.00 $549.99 Select your FREE item and 'add' to your shopping basket
VIP $550.00 $1000 Select your FREE item and 'add' to your shopping basket

Promotion codes and special offers

You may also be in possession of a special promotional or voucher code which can also be redeemed at the point of checkout, so please remember enter the promotion code in the appropriate field which is marked 'Promo/Voucher' code then just click on the 'USE CODE" button during the checkout and the system will then deduct the value of this code from your order by the value of the offer, e.g.5%, 10% off etc.

Refer a friend scheme

Save 25% on your next purchase with our 'Introduce a friend scheme'

You need to have bought from us once before, then if you refer a friend to Ennia Fashion Lingerie and they spend £50 or more with us then you will receive a single 25% off discount reward voucher for your use against any purchase of any product on our website. This voucher will be emailed to you and also assigned to your user account. We will also issue you with a discount voucher for every friend you refer, so multiple referrals, means multiple discount vouchers saving you money on each purchase! Each 25% discount voucher issued lasts for 3 months.

How does it work ?

All you need to do is let us know via email the full name of the person you are recommending together with the suburb/town/city where they live and then put the words 'ENNIA FRIEND' in the subject of your email, then as soon your friend makes a purchase from us based on the above criteria we will email you to let you know that the 25% discount voucher has been set up for you. This voucher will automatically show up at the stage of checkout where you will need to click on the 'redeem me' button and this will adjust the value of your order accordingly. Please email us with the refer a friend details at: or if you have any queries at all on the above please email us and we will respond within 24 hours or sooner if possible. Please note the person being referred cannot have the same billing/delivery address as that of the Referrer, i.e. Wife/Partner etc.


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