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We provide Customers with an excellent opportunity to obtain Lingerie items for FREE with our  "3 for the price of 2 offer".  This offer provides genuine savings at the checkout and applies to a selection of Brands and product types that we sell on our website.  Please note: Bra's and Suspenders/Garter Belts are not included in the item count of 3 items. The Brand Offers available on this page can be changed at any time.

The current offer applies to the brands and product types that are listed below. Simply select 3 different named items from the same product Brand name(s) excluding Bras, then you will get the cheapest one for Free!.    

Please note : There is a maximum of one (1) free item per brand allowed for each order that is made, you cannot Mix & Match brands, so simply make sure that there iare 3 in the Shopping Basket from the same Brand, then the system will provide you with the 3rd item for free!.  Sale items are also excluded from the count of 3

Current Brand offers '3 for the price of 2 Offers' Currently available in our online store - Hurry as this list of brand offers won't last for very long.

 Offer No.Brand NameProduct Types Applicable in the Count of 3 ItemsDetails 


Ballerina Hosiery  All Hosiery Items Buy '3 for the price of 2'., Cheapest one is FREE!  


Gabriella Hosiery All Hosiery Items Buy '3 for the price of 2', CHeapest one is FREE!    


Zohara Hosiery All Hosiery Items Buy '3 for the price of 2', CHeapest one is FREE!    

We currently provide a generous ongoing Loyalty Rewards Program where a discount is is assigned at the checkout every time you shop with us, every time!   If you 'recommend a friend' and they buy from us then you will receive a 25% discount voucher which will be allocated to your account, all you need to do is send us their name and email address. *We reserve the rtight to change this scheme at any time.



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