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The latest range of products from Axami, are the 'Charme De Provence', 'Sex In The City' and the 'Eclissi Di Luna' Collections. All of the collections offer a PDF Brochure download and also a high quality Video Shoot from the Ennia Fashion Video Channel (Youtube) which allows you to view in high resolution these stunning collections of quality made European Lingerie in fine detail.

About Axami Collections

AXAMI lINGERIE provide an amazing range of Lingerie and sits in the top 3 of our most popular Brands.

Should you wish to download any of the PDF Brochures then please click on the links in the list below, please be aware that these are large files, should you see anything in their that you like and we dont show on the website then please let us know and we will order this in for you especially if you wish.


The latest collection from Axami is the 'Charme De Provence' and Ennia Fashion Lingerie are very pleased to bring this collection to our Customers is the latest collection from Axami and entire PDF Catalogue  is available to download here and you can also view the 'Charme De Provence' Collection Video Shoot then click here. This latest Axami Collection is simply sensational. The entire collection is progressively being loaded onto our website during the last quarter of 2015 and many of these items are available now. Watch this space for more news. The first items to be listed on our website will be:
  • Nougat
  • Olive
  • Pain Au Chocolate
  • Cerise
  • Grenade
  • Lavande
  • Saffran
  • Mistral
  • Rhone

Axami, a European made product of stunning designs and style. Axami Lingerie are based in Poland, a country which has a long history in the manufacture of quality lingerie. Axami maintain the tradition by making all their garments in the EU using quality fabric also sourced in the EU and using modern techniques are applied to ensure a high standard  of control being is enforced throughout the whole manufacturing process.


Many of the value brands in sexy lingerie cut back on presentation by supplying their garments in cellophane wrappers. Axami present their garments in smart boxes with logo printed tissue wrapping inside. This may seem like a small issue but it is a bonus when it comes to gift wrapping. A rigid box is so much easier to gift wrap!

Real support in demi and open cup bras

This is where Axami really come into their own when compared to the value brands. The value brands often offer bra style products but in fact make them in size ranges described as small, medium or large and back this up with "small should fit A/B cup - Medium should fit B/C cup" etc. Inevitably this means that for most women, this vague sizing will not work very well. Unlike any brand in their price range, Axami sexy bras are real bras, with the correct sizing. So if you are a 30D or a 34E and you want an open quarter cup bra, then you can have one from Axami.  Axami Lingerie was formed by and is run by a woman and this may the reason why their sexy bras are designed to work for comfort, support as well as glamour.

The 'Eclissi De Luna' Collection

Ennia Fashion Lingerie are very pleased to be able to bring the latest Collections from Axami to our website, the range has established itself as a consistently a top selling Brand of products of products across all Collection.  The 'Eclissi Di Luna', collection  offer a very Sexy range of quality European made Lingerie. As the names of individual designs suggests, the 'Eclissi Di Luna' collection is astronomical in theme, but certainly not in price. The range is as affordable as many big value names in sexy lingerie but so much better for a wealth of reasons. We are progressively adding new lines to our website however if you spot something in the PDF Brochure that we don't yet have listed then simply email us and we will get this in for you.  This amazing Collection offers and amazing array of choice and colours with great 'Mix and Match' options to choose from.

Interchangeable styles with the 'Eclissi Di Luna' Collection

The 'Eclissi Di Luna' range can all be sorted by fabric and colour style, so that although there are twenty various options shown in the catalogue ( 'Eclissi Di Luna' PDF download available here) there are in fact many more options for you to make by 'mixing and matching' the different garments with matching fabrics. to view the Axami Video shoot of the 'Eclissi Di Luna' collection click here

  • Interchangeable styles
  • Quality
  • Presentation
  • Real support in demi and open cup bras
  • A Good range of sizes


The four basic fabrics in this Collection are:

  • Red lace
  • Black lace with gold threads in the weave
  • Black lace with red embroidered flowers
  • Black lace

So sorting the designs into their fabric type provides us with the following list of designs that are interchangeable so that you can mix and match to create a lingerie set that is perfect for you:

Red Lace:

  • Cassiopea (Deep band full cup bra, closed string)
  • Carina (Short babydoll/camisole, closed string)


Black Lace with gold threads:

  • Dorado (Full cup deep band bra, garter belt, closed string)
  • Andromeda (Short nightdress set) *
  • Satellite (Veiled quarter cup bra, deep garter belt, open string)
  • Meteorite (Open quarter cup bra, open string)
  • Asteroide (Veiled quarter cup bra, deep garter belt, open string)


Black with red embroidered flowers:

  • Pegaso (bodysuit)
  • Marea (open quarter cup bra, open string)
  • Alba (babydoll set)
  • Magma (Veiled quarter cup bra, waspie corset, open string)
  • Fenice (Full cup bra, closed string) *


Black Lace:

  • Stella Polare (Soft full cup bra, open panty)
  • Corona Australe Lace veiled quarter cup bra, garter belt, open string)
  • Corona Boreale (Triangle bra, garter belt, closed string)
  • Orbita Ellittica (Babydoll set)
  • Stella Maris (Peek a boo bra, open string
  • Chioma De Berenice (Simply Risque)


'Sex in The City' Ranges available now from Ennia Fashion Lingerie

  • Tiffany (Soft Cup Bra Set)
  • Cosmopolitan
  • 5th Avenue
  • Charlotte
  • New York
  • Carrie
  • Cynthia
  • Sarah
  • Samantha


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