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"Ten Tips for Men when Buying Lingerie Online"


1. Get the fit right

Poorly fitted bras and too tight panties are unattractive and uncomfortable to wear, Women don’t feel sexy when their lingerie is badly fitted so don’t guess her size, rummage through her lingerie drawer or check the washing line for those size labels. You should also remember that there are reasons women wear specific styles of lingerie - if she’s big breasted and always wears under-wired bras then triangle style ones connected by flimsy ribbons will not be a good fit. You can also check the sizing guide on each product page in order to be sure you have an exact fit.


Here are a  few Bra's that give you some idea's to choose from!


2. Sexy lingerie or practical underwear?

Who says you can’t have both? Sexy may be saucy but most women love classy underwear that they can wear every day so go for sex appeal created by luxurious Leavers Lace or by a beautiful cut and forget the marabou feathers and scratchy bows which will soon relegate tacky lingerie to the back of the cupboard.


3. Pick the right knicker type

Thongs or Boy Shorts? French Knickers or classic panties? Your choice should depend on the lucky recipient. Thongs are traditionally associated with sexy lingerie and are the choice of many women who don’t want to have a visible panty line, but boy shorts (also called boxer shorts) are now very popular and delicate lace styles leave no telltale line under tight clothes and are often well suited to today's low waisted fashions. If your lady likes more ‘coverage’ then consider some French knickers or panties/briefs inset with beautiful soft leavers lace.


4. Choose something the recipient will want to wear

Choose undergarments which are suitable for the lady in your life and for what she will wear the lingerie under. Does she like low cut tops which allow a little lace edging to peek from beneath the neckline? (in which case choose Leavers Lace lingerie in a colour to match or contrast with her favourite tops) or does she prefer to reveal her lingerie only to you? (in which case low cut shorties and a smooth t-shirt style bra may be more appropriate). Does she have parts of her body she especially loves? (show off a stunning cleavage with a lightly padded bra) or dislikes? (elongate the legs with panties cut high on the hip). Most of all, when you look at the lingerie, do you honestly feel that she’ll love to wear it?


5. The importance of colour

Lingerie can be sexy in any colour but many men choose the classic red or black options when buying for women. Red and black lingerie are great but think about what the recipient normally wears, its nice to get something a little different but if she loves delicate pinks and whites, in underwear or clothing in general she probably won’t like deep claret lingerie and you’ll see her in her sexy new underwear much more often if you choose a colour she’ll love to wear.


6. Should you buy brand names?

When buying lingerie the brand names that you as a man may recognise are not necessarily those that women will want to receive as a gift. High street brands such as La Senza, Contessa and Knickerbox produce nice underwear and may be the staple of her lingerie drawer but gifts bearing these brand names don’t necessarily indicate to the recipient that you have troubled yourself to look for something special, while Anne Summers Lingerie can give the impression that the gift is for you and not for the lady! Women will find that some popular brands, such as Aubade, Lejaby, Simone Perele, or Ennia Fashion Lingerie, suit them better than others and will favour those brands. Unless you know that they like a specific brand, however, then buy lingerie which is good quality and which you know will suit them.  One thing that is for sure is that when you shop with us and buy her Ennia Fashion Lingerie then you can rest assured you have chosen a very high quality brand with 100% European materials sourced from countries such as Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy, all our Lingerie is made to the highest standard and follows ISO9000 standards.  Please remember that nearly all Lingerie sold in the high street stores is made in the Far East or similar, they are knocked out in their thousands at rock bottom prices, cleverly labelled as designed in Switzerland etc but when you dig deep you can see and feel that the garment and the materials used are inferior to the European product, sorry but it is a fact of life.  The mark-up on these items is massive and has to be to cover import costs, staff costs, high street shop rates and rents etc etc.  By shopping online with Ennia Lingerie you will save money and we are confident that you will be a very happier customer.


7. Which material?

Lingerie which looks the same at first glance can feel very different next to the skin. Natural cottons and silks feel comfortable and fresh all day long and soft and stretchy Leavers Lace doesn’t scratch like inferior laces do and the lace which is used in the making of Ennia Lingerie is the best, see our specific page about this and find out more. One thing our customers always tell is how comfortable Ennia Lingerie is to wear.


8. Extra knickers!

If your buying a matching bra and panties always buy an extra pair of panties, perhaps in a different style, after all these are what wear out first so get better value with that extra pair.


9. If your still in doubt ?

Enlist the help of their best friend and buy from a shop or website which allows returns if the lingerie is unused, we also offer a full satisfaction guarantee and free returns are available if your not happy.


10. Still scared?

Then we suggest you buy some lingerie vouchers and package them nicely and include a bottle of champagne, or scented candles, so you then let her choose her own sexy outfit, or choose it together……




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