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"Special Occasions Call for Chic Occasional Dresses"


When buying clothes or accessories, it's important to ask yourself what event you're going to wear them to and what you're going to pair them with. Some events happen regularly, some rarely while others only once. Knowing that a woman's life is typically marked with impromptu invitations to parties and gatherings, having a couple of occasional dresses ready in your wardrobe is handy especially when you have little or no time to cram shop. Being invited to a party but given so short a notice can be nerve-wracking. Again, women are generally mindful of how they look and what they wear, making sure they do not come to a party under-dressed or over-dressed. With that in mind, buying one or two occasional dresses should be given careful thought. The items you choose should look chic and classy notwithstanding the current trend. Your safest bet is of course the ever reliable and fashionable little black dress paired with your choice of jewelry. But then, you will also need other items that are unique, yet modish enough to wear on special occasions.

For teens and young ladies, consider buying mini and maxi dresses in sleek textures, soft palettes, and elegant character for casual parties. Occasional dresses in floral embroidery, glossy ribbons and volume skirts are fantastic to wear during debuts and proms. Dresses in floral prints and wavy skirts are fit for summer and spring day events. For a more mature statement, try out sophisticated outfits with sexier necklines and sculpting bodices. Look glamorous and elegant in see-through, long-sleeved occasional dresses in black or red and complete your ensemble with sleek jewelries in diamond or pearl. You may likewise mix and match solid colors like white and black to create a powerful contrast.

Some women aren't confident enough to show certain areas of their bodies. For instance, some would like to hide or cover up their broad shoulders, large busts or chubby legs. If this is the case, tone down on those areas where you don't want to grab attention by picking occasional dresses with accents or colors pointing towards other areas. Asymmetrical cuts will do a great job in defining your most glamorous body parts such as your waist, busts, legs and shoulders. Aside from using colors, accents and cuts, use the power of jewelries to create a fashion illusion, depending on your preference. Then, complete your statement with a matching pair of footwear, as well as the right makeup and hairdo.


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