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Bridal Bustier

Any bride-to-be will do well to have on a bridal bustier on their wedding day. Not only does this fashion item make you look beautiful on the Big Day, it also helps in giving you an amazing figure when you put on your wedding dress and walk down the aisle. A bridal bustier is effective at slimming, flattening and hoisting your bodily assets, giving you that coveted svelte figure under your gown. 

A bridal bustier works much like a corset does. It starts at the bust, pushing it up by tightening the upper midriff and hoisting the bosom up, shaping the waist and midsection as it goes down to the hips. A bustier essentially helps in keeping everything in place, nice and tight. These days, bustiers are worn as push-up bras or as a camisole when worn on the outside.

Birdal bustiers however, are traditionally designed to stay hidden. Bustiers are great for lingerie because their invisible, can be worn with dresses with low-cut backs and can have removable straps. As you might’ve guessed, bustiers for brides most often come in white, buy if you’re feeling adventurous you can always opt for garments in black and red.

While they all might look the same, basques, corsets and bustiers are actually different types of lingerie. What are sold by lingerie stores as “bustier corsets” are actually bustiers specifically designed to have a firmer hold. These special types of bustiers are often used by women who want to have a flawless figure without the hassles of going on a diet and exercise. However, these garments are definitely not made to be worn every day, unless of course you’re someone who can take the discomfort. But for the occasional party that calls for an extra dose of sexiness, these bustiers can work great.

Almost all bridal bustiers feature removable straps, which are perfect for backless wedding gowns. A strapless bridal bustier can have plenty of other uses after the wedding. If your wardrobe is full of strapless gowns and tubeless tops, bustiers can be a great choice of undergarment. They can even be used as a top or dress-simply add spaghetti straps to the dress complete the look.

Bridal bustiers are sexy, glamorous and useful all at the same time. If you want that added touch of sexiness and sophistication, a bustier is definitely for you.

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