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“Lavish Yourself and Enjoy the Soft Feel and Luxurious Comfort of Avanua Erotic Lingerie”


For that daring, naughty side of you, there’s Avanua Lingerie. Avanua Lingerie is the leading European brand for romantic and erotic lingerie brand, that’s suited for your naughty tastes and styles. 

Avanua lingerie specializes in the designing erotic lingerie and nightwear that’s comfortable to wear, while sensually enhancing your body’s delectable curves and lines. The brand’s design ranges from romantic and sensual camisoles, chemises, night gowns and bustiers, to the more erotic cupless and half open bras, basques, suspenders and garter belts, and even chokers, eye masks and erotic cuffs.

Avanua lingerie is dedicated to the naughtier side of intimate apparel and takes pride in the designs and innovations in style made by celebrated European designers who employ the latest in modern technology to truly create intimate apparel that would suit every woman. The brand prides itself in the fact that romance and erotica go hand in hand and such openness and intimacy can be further enhanced by the right Avanua Lingerie piece.

Made in Europe exclusively for women of exquisite taste and an appreciation of high quality erotic intimate apparel, Avanua lingerie brings a sense of taste and high fashion to erotic lingerie. This mix of fashion and erotica gives Avanua lingerie the kind of appeal that reaches out to women everywhere - from high-powered corporate executives and athletes, to white and blue collar workers who want to feel confident and self-assured of their feminine beauty and appeal, at the end of the day. It’s that kind of assurance and sensual confidence that appeals Avanua lingerie to women with the inner drive to express their sensual and romantic nature with their lovers, boyfriends and husbands. That’s what Avanua lingerie understands, and offers to women.

But remember: when it comes to lingerie, comfort trumps everything else. Being bold and daring is not for everyone - at least, not a first. Coming out of your shell doesn’t have to be sudden or abrupt. That’s where Avanua Lingerie comes in - you can settle into your comfort zone before trying on something new, while still wearing exquisite lingerie that gives you a new confidence and self-assurance of your beauty and style.

And because Avanua Lingerie is such an exclusive European brand, there are limited number of items for sale each year. If you’re an aficionado of delectable lingerie that soft to the touch, but naughty on the sex appeal, Avanua lingerie is definitely for you. Go online now and order your exclusive, exquisite and sensually satisfying Avanua lingerie now.


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