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Things to Know when You Shop for Thongs


Thong underwear is great when wearing skimpy outfits, particularly during summer or spring when women like to don swimsuits and minis. Nevertheless, thongs can be difficult to find even for an average-sized woman, much more if you're a plus-size. Well, here are shopping tips that should help you in this area.

Begin to hit the nearest shopping mall when you want to shop for thongs. The environment is all too familiar to you and you don't go around in circles for those sexy little pieces. Go directly to a boutique that sells lingerie and underwear, or give the lingerie section of the department store a visit. Know your size and fit because if not, you will either end up with a saggy thong or a tight one. Approach a sales lady for help if it's your first time to shop for thongs or if you don't know your size well. Don't be shy about asking for assistance because it's a good way of getting the item that's perfect on you.

Choose the thong that has the style and coverage that you prefer. A G-string is the skimpiest of all thongs having no waistband and providing the least coverage. A T-string has a wide waistband that forms a T in the back, hence its name. A V-string on the other hand provides a wider coverage than a G-string, but it doesn't have a waistband. If you prefer one that looks sexy yet has better coverage, then shop for thongs called tanga. A tanga is not as revealing as a bikini, but is equally sexy.

Once decided upon the fit and style, don't be tempted to buy thongs in twos or threes. It's best that you test it first. Of course, it is unsanitary to have underwear and lingerie products returned and replaced. So, you have to test out one to see if it gives you the fit and comfort that you need. The thong should not only make you look and feel sexy, but comfortable as well. If there are signs of discomfort or itchiness, then it's not the right one for you. You need to shop for thongs again. When you found the item that offers you the best look and fit, only then can you be safe enough to buy a couple more of the same item.

When you choose to buy thongs online, make sure you know your size well. Stick to tested thongs, preferably those you have personally seen, touched and fitted to avoid disappointments.


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