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When you think about intimate apparel and lingerie, you’ll find nothing better comes in silk and lace. Historically, these fabrics denoted romance and elegance, sensual femininity and a daring for the finer things in life. Nothing has changed in that perspective today. Whether wearing it under your work clothing or under a simple t-shirt and denims, silk and lace lingerie will give you a confidence and appeal that no one else can bring down.

And what’s not to like about silk and lace lingerie? Many women choose silk and lace lingerie because it is soft and cool to the touch, and does not bunch or pinch. It adds a feminine touch to your outfit, and the intricate lace design gives it more style. If you like the simple yet elegant teddy over a skimpy thong, or intricately woven silk and lace lingerie design, this kind of intimate apparel will speak of your sensual and feminine side.

While silk and lace lingerie comes in a variety of styles, it is the color of your lingerie that will make you stand out. Colors reflect our moods, thoughts and desires - a little secret: Own at least one silk and lace lingerie set in every color. It’s amazing how your confidence and ease will soar!

There are three main colors to buy: light colors like white, neutral (or nude), and cinnamon are best for wearing under your clothes, or to public events and activities. Other colors like pink, purple, aquamarine, plum or maroon evoke playful thoughts and bring out your naughty nature. For intimate and romantic moments, red and black are the most ideal silk and lace lingerie colors.

And while it may look stylish and sexy, silk and lace lingerie are not pricey at all. You can find many high-quality pieces at your local store, or online. Most online lingerie stores offer regular discount sales, but be sure to check for your favorite silk variety. You’ll find many discount sales for all styles of lingerie, in cotton, rayon, or satin, but silk and lace lingerie can be seasonal - but not rare.

And beware: Never confuse your silk and lace lingerie with satin. The trick is to check both the outer and inner sides - silk and lace lingerie is shiny and smooth on both sides; satin has only one, usually the outside. The rule for buying from your local store or from an online boutique is to always make a quality check and reputation. As soon as you’ve made your purchase, we can guarantee that your confidence and appeal will start showing everywhere you go.


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