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“Start Your Romantic Evening with the Right Intimate Lingerie Style”

There are many types of lingerie - sexy, racy, erotic, leather and even costumer or role play. But for your romantic moments with your lover, wearing intimate lingerie is the ideal style. It sends the proper message and won’t confuse him at all. So if you’re planning on a romantic rendezvous read on and get to know more about the different types of intimate lingerie you and your partner can enjoy. 

There are many different types of intimate lingerie. You can mix and match them - from a sheer black teddy and silk and lace taps for relaxing with the hubby, a sexy babydoll on top and a crotchless thong for that sizzling romantic tryst, or a black matched set that fits perfectly with your attire for the evening. There are so many combinations you can try! But for romantic evenings with your partner, here are some sexy intimate lingerie choices (and combinations) you definitely must. Hold off on the leather, girl, and for one night, feel sexy, soft and sensual with these top 3 intimate lingerie styles.

  • The sensual babydoll set
    A popular favorite of beautiful and confident women, babydoll sets are similar to nightgown, but are short and sexier - the better for your body to catch your man’s attention! They come in many styles and designs to suit your taste and preference. Babydolls are designed to be worn with panties - from the skimpy g-string to sexy thongs and bikini panties. They come in silk, charmeuse and satin, and may have embroidered or printed cups, accented with bows, ruffles or bodices. For an elegant evening, silk is your best choice, but for sexier and more revealing affair, a sheer mesh can do wonders!
  • The curvy and revealing camisole.
    A camisole is sleeveless, body-fitting intimate lingerie top that you can wear underneath your work clothing or everyday wear. For your romantic night, pair your silk camisole with panties, or for a longer and more playful evening, silk taps that hide the essential, while keep your man searching for more. They are enjoyable to wear and are very comfortable too. The different between a babydoll and a camisole is that babydolls often come in sets, and it is preferable to wear thong or bikini style panties with them. With camisoles, your choice of panties is wider - from g-strings, sheer thongs, bikini panties, to boy leg panties and silk tap shorts. Camisoles come in different intimate lingerie styles and colors, suitable for the mood you want, so you can create a perfect romantic evening your man won’t forget.
  • The sexy and flirty chemise intimate lingerie. The chemise intimate lingerie is quite similar to the camisole - it’s an intimate lingerie top that you can pair with any panty style and color. But chemises are made for intimate affairs and bedroom affairs only, because they are designed loose rather than tight and form-fitting. Of these three types, the chemise is the classic statement of intimate lingerie elegance and style. Naturally, chemises are made from  Chemises are similar to camisoles however rather than fitting tight they usually fit loose and are such made out of loose fitting fabrics such as silk, satin, charmeuse and mesh fabric.

Knowing the different types of intimate lingerie can set the mood right and add fire and passion to your intimate moment. But remember: In the end, it’s what you’re confident and comfortable wearing that counts. Intimate lingerie can bring out the confidence and sensuality in every woman - sexy doesn’t mean tight-fitting and pinching in all the wrong places.


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