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“A Guy’s Guide to Understanding European Lingerie Brands”


European lingerie is the epitome of intimate apparel fashion and style. And many women love the feel and style of European lingerie, and so many brands have become popular because of the comfort and confidence they give to women. 

So if you’re a guy like me who don’t have experience with buying exquisite lingerie for our partners, here are some qualities that European lingerie are known for, and brands that you can choose and buy online.

  • Color.
    European lingerie is popular for being hand-crafted and made from the finest fabric and colors. Colors like white, neutral (or nude), and pink are favored because of the innocent quality they exude. Black is classic European lingerie color, and is best worn anywhere, anytime, whenever you feel like being sexy and confident. Other colors like red, purple, aquamarine, plum or maroon evoke your playful and naughty moods.
  • Style.
    One thing that many women and lingerie collectors love about European lingerie is the wide array of styles - from sexy and romantic plunge bras and silk and lace panties, naughty and playful teddies and camis, to erotic lingerie that feature crotchless panties and sheer lingerie that can make it hard for you to tear your eyes away. But be sure to choose a style that your lady would love to wear not just for you, but more importantly for her own enjoyment and pleasure - yes, women love dressing sexy for themselves too.
  • Comfort.
    Comfort is an important part of underwear - especially intimate lingerie. So, a sheer lace thong may look sexy on her, she may not be as excited as you about it. Find out what she finds comfortable to wear under her work or everyday clothing, for your dates or romantic getaways, or for staying in all night and all day in bed. The more comfortable her lingerie is, the sexier and more sensual she feels, and see her naughty and playful side turn the heat on.
  • Brand.
    European lingerie brands may or may not be available at your local mall or lingerie boutique, so it’s much more likely you will find them online. You can Google search for popular European lingerie brands like Corin, Gracya, Roza, Axami, Avanua, PariPari, Luxxa, Aubade, and Charnos lingerie. Most of these brands are available at most online lingerie boutiques, while many have their own sites you can register on. Remember: Like any online purchase, you need to leave a few days for the shipping, five or six (business days) for European lingerie purchases.

Now you’ve learned something more about European lingerie, you’ll understand that it’s not just skintight skimpy g-strings that will give your woman the verve to be sexy. It’s comfort and style that gives her another level of confidence, sophistication and elegance that makes her more beautiful and sexy - to you.


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