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Wedding undergarments are a great way to steal the attention of your man on your wedding night, even if he's dead tired from the celebration hours before. To make sure you're on the right track, here's a few tips on selecting the right undergarments for your wedding day.

The Secret is in the Fit

Fit is the first thing you should be worried about over the design of your wedding undergarments. Though it's always sexy if the design looks great, but it won't do anyone any good if the fit is terrible. Remember, your wedding dress is still the prime component in your wedding ensemble. If the fit of your underwear is off, no matter how sexy it looks, if you're uncomfortable on your wedding day, it won't matter.

Sexy is Comfortable

Fit is one thing, comfort is another. When picking wedding undergarments; sexy should also be another main objective in selecting the perfect lingerie. And sexy means being comfortable in what you're wearing. Even if certain undergarments look great on models and mannequins, don't force yourself to buy lingerie you yourself aren't comfortable in wearing. Make sure sexy is still within your comfort zones, because you'll be wearing it.

Flaunt What You've Got

Wedding undergarments should be able to compliment the assets of your figure, and not draw attention to assets you may not have. Don't be afraid to flaunt what you've got, and if you don't know what that is, feel free to ask your husband to be what he thinks they are. Every woman has something to show off, it's just a matter of discovering what it is.

Be Sexy for Your Husband

Buying lingerie is admittedly for your husband as much as it is for yourself. He'll be the first (and hopefully, the only) one to feast his eyes on the little surprise you made for him; so make sure it's something he'll be in to. Try to fish what kind of style he finds sexy by working lingerie into some casual conversation. He'll be happy husband when he's greeted by his new wife who had just his needs in mind.

Be Sexy for Yourself

Of course, being happy with your own purchase should be the utmost concern. Whether it's design, fit or comfort, wedding lingerie and underwear should be something you should be happy to be wearing.

All in all, sexy means being confident in what you're wearing, and that means being happy with it yourself.


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