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"Out with the Peek-A-Boo Thong, In with the Strapless Thong"


Thongs with bands and garters that wrap around your waist are likely to create a wedgie scene. No matter how much you try, some G-strings or V-strings just show up right above your jeans or skirts. Now, this type of fashion statement has long been criticized since 2005 because thongs that show up make women look slutty, if not all together unattractive. Low-rise jeans and skirts are not just windows that open up to showcase the thong underneath. Tight thongs can squeeze out love handles and Show up under tight fitted dresses and gowns. But thanks to lingerie makers that came up with the strapless thong, problems like wedgie and the like are no more.

This strapless nitty-gritty under garment is perhaps one of the sexiest things ever created in the world of lingerie. The panty is self-adhesive, which means it one end sticks right above the nani-nani while the other end sticks right above the bum-bum. The adhesives are molded and lined to ensure they stick really well. The strapless thong is reusable and washable, but the adhesives are not; you have to remove them before washing and replace a new set before wearing the thong. Because the thong has no waistband, it doesn't create unsightly panty lines and double hip effects. Another exciting thing about this lingerie breakthrough is that it comes in really dainty and sexy designs and colors. You can choose from hot pinks, wicked blacks, red hearts, mini ruffles, and even golden studs.

Some women are too shy to even wear a thong, much more a strapless thong. But there's no harm in wearing one on so you can test it for yourself. Well, you definitely don't want to flash around the waistband of your thong that peeks out from your jeans, so why not give the strapless lingerie a try? It is designed to give you a feeling of nudity and sensuality, without the others really knowing you are on a thong or nothing under there.

A couple of lingerie designers have already come up with their own versions and ranges of the controversial strapless thong. You can check out online stores and boutiques for these sexy items to satisfy your fashion curiosity, if not to complete your erotic lingerie collection. At any rate, there are only two things that will result from this, you will love it or hate it although we bet on the former!


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