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"Some Guidelines on Choosing a Strapless bustier"


A bustier must not only provide you the sense of sexuality, but also versatility, breathability and elasticity. It is bodice-fitting garment that women wear as a traditional type of lingerie, push-up bra or camisole. It is designed to lift the bust and shape the waist by tightening at the midriff. A strapless bustier is just one of the few types of bustier garments available today. It may spring from a typical convertible bustier or originally made as strapless lingerie.

The bustier can be worn as an upper garment or half-slip for strapless gowns and blouses. It may likewise be worn as lingerie or outer garment, particularly during sexy evening parties and dance performances. If you want to use it as a bra, then choose a strapless bustier with sleek material and no extra embellishment. If it has dangling or protruding laces and ribbons, they might show up as ugly creases and bumps underneath your blouse or gown. Choose a bustier that has a similar or lighter shade than your clothes. For instance if you wear a peek-a-boo gown in black, pick a bustier in solid black color. That way, your outer and inner ensembles complements each other. Strapless bustier lingerie comes in various styles and colors, depending on what you fancy and prefer. Whenever possible, buy a bustier set, one that comes with a matching panty, garter and stocking. This is great for wearing during exotic parties or under a solid color evening gown.

Another thing to note is the material used in the strapless bustier. Make sure that you are comfortable with it. A bustier may be made from cotton, satin, lace or jacquard. Some materials may make you itchy and uncomfortable, so make a careful decision. Then too, consider the shaping mechanism of the garment. Traditionally, a bustier is made by boning or inserting whalebone, featherbone, steel and other materials into the boning channels of the garment. Today, many bustier garments are shaped using mesh panels, and are less rigid and thinner. You also have an option in terms of its support whether gentle, moderate or full.

A strapless bustier is excellent to be worn as an exotic outer garment and as a sexy upper garment or bra. Aside from wearing them under strapless gowns and blouses, you can wear them under leather jackets, cardigans or vests. It is a tease regardless of how you wear it all because of it is first and foremost lingerie.


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