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Every woman has many magical moments in her life and for a woman like you, your wedding is one of those magical and memorable moments. Weddings inspire so much emotion and sentiment, and proper preparation can take much of your attention and time. But as the bride, you need to be prepared as well. It's your special day and you have to have special sensual bridal lingerie that will suit your dress and make you feel poised, sexy and more beautiful as you walk down the aisle to be finally united with your husband.

Wedding preparations can be very challenging and time-intensive, with much of the work being coordination and communication. That leaves you with less time to prepare for your own needs, especially your intimate bridal apparel. And the right bridal lingerie will go a long way in making you feel sexy and beautiful, and in keeping you comfy beneath your bridal dress, from ceremony and reception, up to your first night in the marital boudoir.

To be able to make the right choice of bridal lingerie, know what styles will help in keep your comfort level high, while making sure you don't suffer any wardrobe malfunctions during the whole event. Here are the three absolute bridal lingerie essentials you can choose from, to make your magical moment a perfect one:

  • A bridal bustier.
    Contrary to popular belief that bustiers are constricting and uncomfortable, a bridal bustier provides all the comfort, support and protection you need for your wedding day. A strapless bra or a shelf bra may work for most days, but for your wedding day, a bustier is your best bridal lingerie secret. It fits well over your abdomen so that it won't be visible underneath your wedding gown.
  • A bridal bodysuit.

    Bodysuits are titillating, sensual and very popular for women who like naughty and erotic intimate lingerie sets. But a bridal lingerie bodysuit also works best with many different bridal dresses, especially the silhouette-type designs that show off your figure. Choose a bridal lingerie bodysuit made of delicate lingerie fabric like silk, satin, or lace. That way, you won't show visible lines underneath, and still feel sexy, sensual and comfortable all day.
  • A form-fitting bridal lingerie cami and boy leg set.

    Compared to the first two, this bridal lingerie type is more modern and fast becoming a popular pick among new brides. The fabric used for this type of bridal lingerie is microfiber fabric which makes it seamless, form-fitting but not constricting and won't show visible lines.

Just like choosing your wedding gown, picking out the right bridal lingerie should be about fit and comfort first, before fashion. Go for soft, sheer and comfortable bridal lingerie materials like silk, satin, cotton and microfiber. Before the day arrives, it's okay to look harried and ragged, because that's what preparation does even to the best of us. But when your wedding day is here, things change and you are the center of attention. Always make sure to put on your best - even underneath. The right bridal lingerie will make you feel more beautiful and poised, and ready to exchange "I Do's" with that dashing man waiting for you at the altar.


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