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For today’s modern bride, choosing the right bride underwear is an important, yet often overlooked part of preparing for a wedding. Most brides these days are recommended to choose from the two types of bride underwear that are commonly used today. The first type is made up of undergarments that support the bride’s figure when wearing a wedding dress; these include corsets and bustiers which tighten the waist and push up the bosom. The second type is more private in nature and reserved for the pleasure of the new husband; erotic lingerie that’s skimpy and provocative falls into this category, such as garter belts, thongs, g-strings and lacy, see-through panties. 

Take note however that lingerie that works for both purposes-flattering your body’s assets when walking down the aisle and seducing your new husband with “almost-there” features-do exist. These can be worn for the public and private side of a wedding. However, most brides prefer to freshen up and change bride underwear after the long and tiring ceremonies, right before the activities of the first honeymoon night.

The type and cut of your wedding dress will determine the kind of bride underwear you put on during the wedding ceremony. Bridal lingerie is typically designed to be invisible and show off how you look with your wedding dress on. An example of this is a bustier that cinches your waistline, while hoisting up your breasts-perfect for strapless wedding gowns that highlight your figure. Because of the popularity of strapless gowns, most brides prefer to choose body-shaping lingerie. There are plenty of styles out there that not only shape your butt, torso, breasts and waist, but also looking incredibly sexy when you take off your wedding gown.

Be wary though of body-shaping underwear that’s difficult to remove when it’s time to use the bathroom. Wedding gowns are tricky enough when nature calls, so don’t complicate things further with underwear. If you really need to wear these shapers, be prepared to remove your entire gown and shaper when using the toilet. You’ll need a bit of help to do this, so plan carefully.

When you’ve finally chosen your bridal lingerie, put them on and get used to them to break them in. If you’re not the type of person who wears lacy lingerie, it helps to get used to it first before the wedding day.


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