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Bridal Intimates

 Bridal Intimates

While your wedding ceremony and reception were celebrated together with your family, friends and other guests, your wedding night and honeymoon are totally private affairs you and your husband can share in intimacy. To make your honeymoon a truly memorable one, you'll need to be careful in choosing your bridal intimates. The great thing about buying bridal intimates is that there's no reason for you to hold back whatsoever. You're free to choose the sexiest and skimpiest lingerie out there that will give your bodily assets and figure just the right oomph to excite your new man, and drive him wild as you explore each other.

But as with all fashion items, there are a few things you need to consider when selecting bridal intimates.

Firstly, your bridal lingerie needs to have that perfect balance of comfort, support, and of course sexiness. Remember that wearing a wedding dress and keeping it on for hours throughout the ceremony and reception can get uncomfortable, so it's important to pick something that will feel good. But even if your lingerie's hidden, pick something that's very sexy. Not only will your husband appreciate it later, you'll also feel empowered knowing what you have on under that glamorous dress. You know very well that some of your guests will wonder what you have on under all that fluff-the feeling of them having their eyes on you is sure to be exciting.

Another factor you'll have to consider is when you're putting on your bridal intimates, and how long you're keeping them on. If you're going to your hotel suite or room straight away after the celebrations, then you'll have to wear the sexy lingerie right before the wedding. If you have time to freshen up and pamper yourself before the climax of your wedding, then feel free to wear something more traditional for the ceremony. The second option is often preferred by the ladies as it allows them to transform before their new husband's eyes-from blushing and demure bride, to a foxy and incredibly sexy seductress waiting to be taken by her man.

Of course, knowing what type of lingerie your husband likes will also be a factor. Men's tastes differ, so be considerate and where something you know will excite him on your honeymoon. Remember, your honeymoon happens only once, so make it extra special.


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