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We live in a world where lingerie come in various types and forms. Women now have abundant choices, and that helps keep them even more comfortable and confident in themselves. In honour of that, here are a few lingerie that you just need to have.

The Bra : Without a doubt, a bra is a necessity; especially if you’re looking to keep your girls in form. You have a wide array of bras to choose from, such as the T-shirt bra, which provides no visible lines as it is seamless and perfectly forming when under your shirt. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, feel free to rock!

Panties : Even though there are some days that you, as a woman, won’t really be in the mood to put on a pair of panties, you’ll still need them most of the time, especially when you’re wearing clothes that can be loose fitting. The perfect type of panties actually depends on what you’re wearing, so you need to be careful.

Shapewear : A shaping slip will ensure that you get a smooth figure under your outfit, and it will also cincher in the waist in order to enhance your body shape and allure. As undergarments, these are necessary, especially if you’re worried about loose-fitting clothes.

Camisoles : Traditionally, camisoles are lingerie that serve as a base for sheer tops or cover for your breasts. However, if you put on a jacket or a top on top of a camisole you’re more than good to go. Tights/Hosiery : Sheer pantyhose are just s important as they were a few years ago. They have been known to be worn by women who hold office jobs, as they help conceal the thighs. You also have fishnet tights, which have become more of a sex y statement if you’re looking to show your raunchy side, fishnet tights will definitely be awesome.

Babydoll : The babydoll is a very sexy and incredibly short night gown. It works well for women who will like to feel maximum comfort while sleeping, but still have enough clothes to cover their body. The babydoll has also been known to be very sexy, so it’s cool if you opt for a nice babydoll if you’re with your man and you’re looking to spice things up. It is definitely a must-have. Robe If you’re looking to take the most boring part of your nightly routine and turn it into a fabulous activity, then a robe / dressing gown will be more than ideal. A silk or satin robe is the perfect sexy overall for your night dress, and it gives an unparalleled feel of pleasure when you’re doing your own mani-pedi. Looking for glamour and class? You can sure get that with a robe.

Long Socks Long, thigh-reaching socks have a way of stimulating the pleasure centers of your thighs, and they have a way of stimulating sleep. Maybe not the most important, but definitely a must-have.

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