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Lingerie comes in different styles, designs, colors and brands. Be it for everyday use, going out, lounging at home, or spending some romantic time with your man, wearing lingerie that appeals to your sexy and naughty side can add confidence and step wherever you go, and whoever you’re with. 

The trick to choosing the right kind of designer lingerie for you relies on three things - comfort, confidence and style. Read on and know more about the top 3 lingerie styles that are suitable for any occasion - from giving you that extra boost of confidence and poise at work, comfortable daily innerwear, to romantic nights with your man.

The way to feel sexy, soft and sensual is to wear high quality designer lingerie. And while many designer lingerie create unique intimate apparel in a variety of styles, some specialize and are popular for specific lingerie style. Below are the top 3 designer lingerie styles most sought after by many elegant and tasteful women, and the brands most known for each style.

  • Babydoll designer lingerie set. This designer lingerie style is a popular choice for women, both married and single. And it’s not a surprise that many brands carry designer lingerie of this style. babydoll lingerie often come as a matched set, and are most often worn with thong panties. Popular designs include animal and floral prints and sheer and mesh fabric. Babydolls are favored in black or white. Popular designer lingerie brands include Corin lingerie, Gracya Lingerie, and Roza lingerie. The babydoll designer lingerie set is a very sensual and sultry style that shows the sexiest parts of your body - while hinting at even more.
  • Camisole designer lingerie. A modern woman like you appreciates the soft comfort that sheer innerwear can give. That’s why the camisole is one of the most popular intimate lingerie tops today. Many camisole designer lingerie are available as a sole piece, or part of a matched set. Camisole designer lingerie sets include your choice of sexy or erotic panties - from very revealing g-strings and crotchless bikini panties, to sexy form-liberating sheer thongs and boy leg panties. Camisole designer lingerie are form-fitting, and can be used underneath work clothing, everyday use, or as an artful seduction piece for that romantic evening planned with your man. Check out VIPA lingerie, Irall lingerie, and Wolbar designer lingerie for their exciting color choices and style picks. Create perfect romantic evening your man won’t forget with your sultry camisole designer lingerie.
  • Teddie designer lingerie. This may surprise you, but the teddie is one of the first lingerie designed for women! The modern teddie looks like a one-piece swimsuit - but the similarities end there. Teddie designer lingerie is one of the most interesting pieces of designer lingerie, as they can span the whole spectrum of lingerie style - from chic and comfy, to white lace and sheer mesh that evokes subtle innocence, to latex and leather versions for the more adventurous women! Sleek, exciting and totally sultry, teddie designer lingerie is a great addition to your daily wardrobe (for that boost of confidence, sex appeal and poise), or for your titillating evening with your man. Try teddie designer lingerie from Luxxa lingerie, Aubade lingerie, and Charnos lingerie.


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