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Needless to say, the corset is one of the oldest types of undergarments out there. When the image of a corset comes to your mind, you’ll most likely think of royals and nobility wearing them in the 1800’s. A corset is an undergarment designed to wrap around your waist and torso, cinching down on your midsection and hoisting up the breasts, giving you that highly-coveted and attractive hourglass figure. In the old days, it was used by women-and some men for that matter-to highlight their smaller waists, and give their bust lines what we call “oomph” today. The earliest corsets first became popular in the early 1600’s, and were often paired with a farthingale which accentuated the bottoms of a dress. During this time, corsets were made from cotton fabrics, with wooden rods keeping the garment’s structure in place. 

While most people think that the corsets of old were not the most comfortable contraptions to wear back then-you even hear stories of women passing out due to the tightness of the corset-this is actually a fallacy. While the corset has indeed become a better undergarment to wear today, its comfort level remains relatively unchanged. Corsets had to be comfortable, because women had to do actual work when wearing them. In the 1800’s corsets were shaped like cylinders, and were designed to keep the stomach in and provide support for the back. It wasn’t until the Victorian era when the corset’s design changed into the well-known silhouette appearance that highlighted a woman’s curves.

Fast forward to today, corsets now have different versions aside from the traditional cotton fabric ones. Corsets are now made from satin, leather, lace and more. The corset is also no longer worn the whole day; they’re most often worn as a piece of lingerie. Corsets undoubtedly give off the sexy and seductive look that’s guaranteed to provoke the imaginations of men-making them extremely popular with women and couples who want to have a fun and romantic time.

Corsets are often paired with stockings and lacy panties, and although they cover a bit of skin, it seems that they’re still irresistible to men all over the world. Corsets are practically found in all underwear and lingerie sections all over the world. If you want to turn an ordinary night into one that’s steaming and sizzling with sexiness and sensuality, a corset is definitely for you.


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