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“Get Ready to Turn on Your Confidence and Charm with Charnos Lingerie”

For elegance, style and a confidence that will carry you through the day, wearing exquisite and intimate Charnos lingerie that’s soft to the touch is just the thing you need. This high-end brand of lingerie and intimate apparel is the very definition of high class and tasteful appeal, bringing out your confidence and self-assurance wherever you go. 

But Charnos lingerie is not only known for sexy and comfy lingerie that you can wear under your work and everyday clothing, this brand is also known for intimate and romantic apparel that you can use to lounge at home with your hubby, or spend the whole day and night, ordering room service, at a tropical romantic getaway. Read on and know more about what to pack for that Mediterranean cruise, or that anniversary you and your hubby are celebrating.

  • Charnos lingerie babydoll set. Babydolls are very popular and come in different colors, with a variety of accents and lace embroidery that are sure to captivate your man’s attention. Similar to nightgowns although shorter and more revealing, the Charnos lingerie babydoll set come in many different fabrics and styles to fit your taste and style preference. For your Charnos babydoll, we pair these with panties in the same embroidered style, and may come in sheer mesh or for the more daring and naughty ladies, a crotchless design that’s sure to sizzle up your evening.
  • Charnos lingerie - Camisole set. Like the babydoll, a Charnos lingerie cami set is shorter and more revealing than a nightgown. But where the babydoll is fluffy and loose like the nightgown, the camisole is form-fitting and can be worn underneath a sheer bedroom robe, to tease the senses. Paired with boy leg panties, or a low cut thong, and you’ve got a recipe for an intimate evening that’s going to last until the wee hours of the evening. But what sets the Charnos lingerie cami apart is its versatility. You don’t have to hide your sensual and sexy side in the bedroom. Wear your Charno lingerie underneath your work or everyday clothing and you can feel confident and self-assured of your own vibrant sexiness no matter what day or activity you engage in!
  • Charnos lingerie - Chemise set and teddie set. Similar to the camisole set in length, the chemise and the teddie sets however, differ by being loose-fitting and made of silk fabric, rather than stretch fabric that form-fits around the contours of your body. Charnos lingerie and intimate apparel is known for its exquisite chemise and teddie sets made from silk and embroidered lace, and continues to be a market leader specifically in these two styles. But don’t mistake these two styles to be bland or unromantic just because they are loose fitting. You may not have noticed how your man is enamored by you entering the room in your chemise and bikini bottoms, but he is definitely paying you some attention!

Charnos lingerie continues to be a high quality brand that caters to women with sophisticated tastes and a daring for exquisite and sensual intimate apparel. You don’t have to go through the day without your Charnos lingerie - we are available online and with just a click of a button, you can enjoy the soft comfort and appeal of luxury lingerie no matter where you are.



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