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“Here’s How A Guy Like You Can Shop and Buy Lingerie Online - Without All The Hassle”

Admit it: As a guy, planning to shop and buy lingerie for your lady is one of the most intimidating things to do. But it is one of the most intimate and romantic gestures that emphasizes your love, and shows the real effort you put into selecting a special token of your affection. 

So when you’re going online to shop and buy lingerie, be ready to avoid the major pitfalls that may come your way. Here are the top five situations to avoid when going online to buy lingerie, and what you can do to get it right - the first time:

  • Don’t forget the right size.
  • The style and color counts.
  • Leave the thong, take the bikini.
  • Don’t overshop.
  • Presentation is important.

Choosing the right size is important because it has to fit properly to make her feel sexy, as well as comfortable. Do a little homework; take a quick peek in her lingerie drawer to see what size your lady wears. Watch her as she puts on her underwear and see which styles may be right for her. When you buy lingerie online, the massive variety of choices can be daunting because you’re dealing with so many international brands that may have different criteria and size descriptions. So it’s important to get the size right, when you buy lingerie online. Make sure you have the correct size before you start choosing the style and color.

To get a clue of your lady’s preferred style won’t be too difficult - again, her lingerie drawer is your most important ally. Also, it’s flattering to your lady if you buy lingerie that’s in a style and color she’s always wanted but hasn’t bought yet. Lingerie is designed to flatter the female figure and make her feel sexier and attractive. And style plays a lot in building a positive, confident and sexy image. You can pick from a variety of styles - floral lace styles and animal prints are the most popular, and the colors favored by sexy women include sheer black, nude or neutral, light pink and red tones, and innocent white. And don’t forget: When you buy lingerie, try searching for a matching set - a sheer teddy with thong or bikini-style lace panties, or matching plunge bra or boy shorts - women love matching sets and there’s no doubt, your lady will too.

When going online to buy lingerie, keep this in mind: The thong is a touchy subject. Unless your lady likes to wear them everyday, what you might find sexy and erotic may not be her idea of great lingerie. Go for sexy, but keep practicality and comfort in mind. She may find the flimsy sheer lace thong appropriate for romantic and intimate moments, but as a rule, leave the thong, and take the bikini.

When shopping online to buy lingerie, it’s important that you take your time. Don’t click on the first teddy or sheer lace floral boy short panties you find. You may think it’s sexy, but there may be other choices that would be more flattering. And don’t stick to one online site. There are many online lingerie stores that have better choices than others, or some may have better search options that most. Also, look for sites that offer the size, style and color you have in mind.

So you’ve picked out your choice and you’re ready to buy lingerie for your lady. What’s next? Presentation. This cannot be stressed or repeated too often. Women love to wear sexy lingerie because it gives them confidence, and makes them feel beautiful and sexy. Just because they wear it underneath their office suit doesn’t mean it’s not appealing in any way. That’s why it’s important that when you buy lingerie as a gift, you have to have it wrapped in a tasteful way. Check online lingerie sites for their gift-wrapping options. That way you can buy lingerie and have it gift-wrapped at one online store. It’s the little details that add up to make your gift that much more beautiful and meaningful.



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