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"Your Friendly Guide to Satin Underwear"


For years, women have been using satin garments, clothes and underwear. Satin is technically not a type of fabric, but a type of weave that results in a glossy surface but a dull back. Different fabrics like silk and nylon can be made into satin, while cotton yarns woven in the same manner are aptly called sateen. What gives the fabric a unique satin finish is the number of floats or missed interlacings (warp yarn over weft yarn and vice versa). It is the smooth and lustrous surface of the fabric that gives women the feeling of richness and sensuality, especially when worn as satin underwear. In centuries past, satin was one of the symbols of wealth and nobility; and this concept remains up to this very day. Satin remains a tool to glorify extravagance, although its uses have shifted from outer garments like robes and gowns to undergarments like bras and panties. Satin lingerie is truly sensational among women and men alike. It enhances the softness and sexiness of women as they feel the satin underwear fabric in their skin. The glossy, supple surface emphasis femininity as the comfortable, dull surface clings to a woman's every curve. In other words, satin clothes can help a woman feel and look beautiful -- inside and out!

Satin collections abound in the market today. They are a mainstay in many collections of created by garment manufacturers and fashion designers. You can buy them from department stores and online shops. Satin is quite versatile in that it can be made into various products, not just satin underwear for women but also for men. Then too, there are bags, pillowcases, beddings, skirts, blouses, neckties, jackets, gowns and many more!

The availability of numerous products in satin creates the need for the public to know their proper maintenance and care. Otherwise this luxurious material will lose its core beauty -- its sensual smoothness. It helps to read the labels and follow care instructions. Generally, satin should be hand-washed and ironed while damp. However, great quality satin may be machine-washed. Nevertheless, hand washing is preferred for satin underwear with laces, ruffles and accents regardless of its quality. This is because most embellishments get easily damaged when laundered with a machine.

Satin is truly one indulging fabric that gives the wearer that sensual and lovely feeling. Added to the fact that it is used mainly for lingerie and underwear, satin becomes an explicit source of beauty, sexiness and comfort not just for women, but likewise for men and even children who wear it.


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