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Leavers Lace & Ennia Fashion:

Leavers Lace

Remember to look for the 'Dentelle De Calais' logo on our products, its special, luxurious and feels great against the skin.

When you Buy Lingerie online you very rarely find products using the Leavers lace logo on any of their products, this is NOT the case with Ennia Lingerie, if  you see any of our photos displaying the above logo then this indicates that the Leavers lace method has been used in the making of the garment, this is a special method used from Calais, in France and means that the weave and delicacy is unique and it adds extra luxury and comfort to every garment. 

Their is some very interesting information associated with Leavers lace and  the information below explains about the history and the method regarding the use of  Leavers lace in the making of Ennia Fashion and hopefully you will find this informative. 

Raw material was lacking during the Liberation of France and new inspiration had to be sought after: staple fibre, rayon, nylon, Lurex and Plastilam emerged, and what a success! The Americans were won over and became the most important customers.

The French fashion world set the pace; demand was constant and persisted until 1956. The protective measures taken in economical retaliation by some American states following political stances, figure amid some of the setbacks the lace industry was subjected to. While it may appear trivial, the suppression of mantillas in the religious order came as a heavy blow to the profession.

Forsaken by the fashion industry another major crisis occurred between 1967 and 1976. It took a substantial effort to promote lace in the dressmaking, fashion and design industries, the comeback of women's fashion is feminine. The lingerie success gave the lace industry a new lease of life, punctuated by the quest of technical and stylistic creations. Aimed at the great fashion houses, the lacemakers of Caudry produced a high quality product on Leavers looms carrying the 'DENTELLE DE CALAIS' label.

Some of the greatest fashion houses; Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Hanae Mori, Guy Laroche, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Cerruti and Jean Paul Gaultier succumbed, eager to incorporate this noble, refined and artistic material in their work. As 80% of the lace produced is exported to 100 different countries, it must be adapted to today's fashion demands. Adding to the more traditional materials, the industry has now added silk, wool, cotton, synthetic fibres, silver and gold threads, cellophane and elastic for comfort.

Calais Lace has succeeded in seducing a new public through the press and shows intended for the public at large. The great comeback of evening wear and the use of Calais Lace in day wear, have opened new horizons: alternately sportswear associated with leather, wool, flannel, flannelette or shirt fleece fabric, trenches, suits. Lace in dresses, skirts and blouses are adorned with lam, sequins, pearls and flocking to become luxurious, dazzling and sophisticated items

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