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Heavenly Ennia Spa - NEW !

Many of the items shown here are available as a 'Free Gift' option at our new and enhanced 'checkout' stage of our website; free gifts will apply to all orders (min. spend applies) and the value of the free gift will depend on the value of your shopping basket as we have five classifications of shopper status, the more you buy then the higher the value of the Free gift.  So if your shopping basket value is not high enough to earn a 'Free Gift' then the item will also be available as a separate purchase.

We carried out extensive research of the products that met our criteria in the organic 'Spa ranges' so we are very pleased to be able to bring you a specially selected 'Made in England' range of natural ethically produced products which form part of a completely new range of products on our website which will be known as the 'Heavenly Ennia Spa' range.  These items are a great optional extra to add to your lingerie selection or for a gift at any time but are also excellent stocking fillers for Christmas.

All of these products are ethically produced and are made in the UK by a renowned highly reputable supplier and we have therefore added our 'brand logo' to these products.  We will be providing Scented Candles, Organic Soaps, Incense sticks, Bath Tablets and a fantastic range of Body Creams/Butters.

Here are our range of stock lines.....more new products are being added over the next few weeks.

Bath Tablets - 4 Choices Available An essential oil 'Lifestyle' range of Aromas.  Contained in a 7.5cm diameter x 1.8cm size tablet, all in different colours.  Simply drop the tablet into a hot bath and the tablet will fizz and dissolve releasing a luxurious preparation of Aromatherapy oil scents and colour, a wonderful way to relax the body and the mind at the end of a hard day ! 



We have an extensive range of Candle choices for you to choose from and these are uniquely manufactured from a natural plant source, which as a raw material and is both sustainable and kind to your environment.  100% organic Candles are NOT produced  from petroleum based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax based products.  The candles are naturally coloured and subtly scented with essential oils.  They contain no petroleum based dyes or fragrances.

Our current selections of Candles are as follows:-


Travel / Kitchen Candles (18 Hour burn time)

We have 5 sensational choices available and are supplied with a quality Free 'Gift Box' included.  These are fantastic candles which come in a hardened plastic container with a screw top and are easy to use and store and are light in weight; so you can easily take your candle(s) with you on your travels or simply use them anywhere around the home. Aroma / Scents are: Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Provocateur (top seller) Rose Geranium and Winter Scent (spiced Orange aroma). 


Pillar Candles Selection ( 2' Inch Size (5.1cm) - 12 hour burn time)

We have a choice of three 2inch candles and these come in their branded gift boxes and are available in the following aromas:- Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Orange, Clove & Cinnamon.



We also have the 7.5 cm (3" inch) Provocatuer Candle with a sensational Aroma / Scent.  This candle has a 50 hour burn time.


Organic Soap Bars

We have a choice of five fantastic Organic Soap bars to choose from and our Soap bars are a 97.5% natural organic product and are a pleasure to use as all of them create a soft lather, drying well and are also long lasting. These soap bars are naturally coloured and have 100% natural essential oils used in their production and are 'Paraben free'.


They are manufactured in England and each Soap Bar comes in its own gift box. Please click on the picture for a direct product link to the range available.




Cocoa & Shea Body Butter Tubes

Formulated with Shea Butter and and Cocoa Butter with essential oils and Vitamin 'E'.  Coconut oil 'Paraben Free' all made with all natural ingredients with lovely scents.  Rich luxurious cream for face, hands and body.  Easily absorbed and leaves no smears.  Vitamin 'E' for the skin plus essential oils give a wonderful level of aroma.  Kind to sensitive skin.  We have 3 choices to choose from, these being the 'New' Mango Butter, Angel Essence and also Jasmine & Orange.



Some more background to our products and their manufacture of Candles:

  • Natural Wax only, high quality environmentally friendly candles with ingredients that are both sustainable and kind to your environment. Free of Petroleum based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax, clean burning, additive free, not tested on animals.
  • Clean burning plant wax and essential oils.
  • Tested body creams and non allergic
  • Complimentary to our Lingerie products and beautiful scents
  • Natural Body cream products
  • Products that are available elsewhere in the UK retail market (mainly retail shops)
All About Wax
People have become more conscious of the possible drawbacks of petroleum wax and benefits of using Natural wax. The selection of products we have on our website are also supplied to a vast range of outlets in the UK and abroad including these outlets:-

Whole Food Shops, Book Shops, Gift Shops, Visitor Centre's, Retreats, Hotels, Multiples, Spa's, Charitable Organisations, Holistic Practitioners etc.

Palm, Soya & Rapeseed oil are all fantastic products, used world-wide mainly in food, cosmetics and more so recently as Bio-fuel, a petroleum alternative.

For the relatively small amount used in relationship to those industries great care is taken by our supplier to buy from ethical material sources for our palm oil available both in the UK and at in Malaysia. The local palm oil for the factory in the Penang region is from West Malaysia, a Member of RSPO, traceable from the factory to plantations, local mills and refineries close by. Officials assure us that the crops they process are not derived from deforested area. Rubber and Coconut commercial plantations however have been replanted over the past 20 years, replaced with palm.

Our UK Material supplier is a participant/member on a board created by The United Nations www.unglobalcompact.org in conjunction with WWF also a founder member of the 'Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil' www.rspo.org both to promote best practice and ethics in sourcing and production of palm oil. This web site is a portal of information with a useful search engine. Try 'The Ten Principles', this is a sustainable frame work which all partners work together for good ethics in both labour and environment.

In summary, we as a company are against any cruelty and non-ethical palm production and I am confident that the sources used by our supplier are ethical and sustainable. Procedures are taken to avoid and assure ourselves that we do not add to the worlds problems but try and reduce them, therefore to give a guilt free product to our customers that you will be pleased to have, so we expect you to come back for more.

Heavenly Ennia Spa from Ennia Lingerie



















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