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“Color Coded: A Guy’s Guide to What Women Wear and Why Colors Make the Difference”

Guys, first thing to know about women’s lingerie: Color and style make a big difference. Even when it’s intimate apparel that only you and your lady may enjoy looking at, choosing the right style and color goes a long way. Here are 3 tips that would help you make the right purchase, and pick the perfect intimate apparel for your lady:

The Internet has given men a safe and sure way to shop for women’s lingerie. If you’re planning to shop online, be sure to schedule your purchase appropriately. Most online lingerie boutiques will require a three to four days for shipping. If you’ve bought lingerie from an international online boutique, add another day or two. Keep these tips in mind when you’re shopping online, and you’ll be happy to see that delight shriek of surprise when your lady opens your gift to her.

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