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“Confidence, Poise and Style Begins with the Right Designer Lingerie”

Lingerie comes in different styles, designs, colors and brands. Be it for everyday use, going out, lounging at home, or spending some romantic time with your man, wearing lingerie that appeals to your sexy and naughty side can add confidence and step wherever you go, and whoever you’re with.

The trick to choosing the right kind of designer lingerie for you relies on three things - comfort, confidence and style. Read on and know more about the top 3 lingerie styles that are suitable for any occasion - from giving you that extra boost of confidence and poise at work, comfortable daily innerwear, to romantic nights with your man.

The way to feel sexy, soft and sensual is to wear high quality designer lingerie. And while many designer lingerie create unique intimate apparel in a variety of styles, some specialize and are popular for specific lingerie style. Below are the top 3 designer lingerie styles most sought after by many elegant and tasteful women, and the brands most known for each style.

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