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Gabriella Calze Dorfy Bridal Stockings 213 in Bianco or Black.

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Price: USD$ 15.95
The Gabriella Calze Dorfy 213 shown here in an Ivory colour are patterned, delicate, transparent stockings with 9cm wide lace with double silicone strip. Manufactured with large content of LYCRA, reinforced at the toes. Also available in Bianco(white) and Black.

Size Guide in cm
Small is Size 2
HEIGHT: 158-164cm, HIPS: 88-96cm
Medium is a Size 3
HEIGHT: 164-170cm, HIPS: 96-100cm

Large is a Size 4
HEIGHT: 170-176cm, HIPS: 100-104cm

XLarge is a Size 5
HEIGHT: 176 –182cm, HIPS: 104–108cm

Size Guide in ft/Inches
Small is a size 2
HEIGHT: 5ft 2-5ft 5, HIPS: 34.6-37.8
Medium is a size 3
HEIGHT: 5ft 5-5ft 7, HIPS: 37.8-39.4

Large is a size 4

HEIGHT: 5ft 7-5ft 9, HIPS: 39.4-40.9

XLarge is a size 5
HEIGHT: 5ft 9-6ft, HIPS: 40.9 –42.5

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